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Monday , October 23 2017

Working Man of Tech: Why I will't have in mind individuals who don't run with a watch

I’ve obtained a confession to make. I do not truly revel in operating. And that is the reason regardless of doing it six days every week.

I am no longer a sadist. I am now not punishing myself for prior indiscretions by way of forcing myself out the door each morning simply so I will be able to get to the purpose of weeping prior to crawling right into a bathe.

It is simply that I’ve by no means had that ‘zen’ second that so many runners speak about. The one the place folks say ‘I simply needed to go for a run to de-stress’ or ‘I wanted to get out of the administrative center to clear my head’. How do they preserve going when they may be drained? What retains them lacing up and not using a purpose in sight?

(Via the best way – this column is not me announcing people who do not monitor their runs are improper, or dumb for no longer doing it. It is simply that the perception continues to be a thriller to me.).

I do love a lunchtime run, however principally as a result of it breaks the day up and I am out within the recent air. I do not love the oxygen from the park, however I guess that being out in it, getting some nutrition D from the solar, is an effective factor.

No, the actual motive I run is that I am insanely aggressive. I find irresistible to do higher, are attempting more difficult, really feel like there is some degree to what I am doing. The problem is that I am no longer superb at stuff. I really like soccer, however I suck. I am no nice shakes at biking. And the much less stated about swimming, the simpler.

However working is the final word aggressive activity – you might be handiest seeking to beat your self ninety five% of the time. Which is why I HAVE to all the time monitor my runs.

I’ve realised this extra as I’ve delved deeper into my stats – I get indignant that previous runs would possibly no longer be as correct, coming from stride sensors connected to the shoe or dodgy GPS chips on early smartphones so I will be able to’t see how a lot better I’m now having tried to fortify for see you later.

The lightbulb second

The primary time I strapped on a operating watch used to be in 2013: the Adidas SmartRun. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times right here, however that second when all of the data that used to be locked away on an unreadable cellphone monitor used to be now displayed at a very simple look on my wrist used to be one of the crucial superb of my tech existence.

Now not handiest that, I now had get entry to to my coronary heart charge as neatly, having the ability to see no longer simply how briskly I was once going, however how exhausting I was once working.

That was once it. I was once hooked. I had the guidelines I wanted to inform me how smartly I used to be doing while not having to fret about ‘really feel’. For all these that just do run with their physique’s personal sensors telling them how exhausting they’re working: I simply do not get it. I particularly do not consider when elite athletes do the same.

Doing things by sense alone is to succumb to not just the vagaries of perception, but to give the demons – those little voices that tell you everything is about to fall apart and you shouldn’t be running and you’re probably doing long terms damage – no empirical opposition.

There have been countless times in races when I’ve been toiling away, feeling like I was about to die, and I’ve looked down and seen that my heart rate is a few beats per minute lower than I was expecting.

Just this morning I was doing my local 5KM Parkrun and was feeling horrendous on the walk to the start. My legs were aching, my stomach turning and I was worried that eating an entire cheeseboard in lieu of dinner the night before was going to possibly get in the way.

However, my plan to hit the first two kilometres hard paid off – I was well ahead of last week’s pace, which meant I could relax through the third and fourth kilometres. As the third split buzzed on my wrist, I knew a 4:10 would be acceptable given how well the first two went. Heck, I could even carry a 4:20.

A Bonnie Tyler powered PB
A Bonnie Tyler-powered PB

So seeing 3:59 flash up gave me a big grin and the boost I needed to just keep pushing at this pace for a few more minutes until the finish line appeared, giving me my fastest time of 2015 and just five seconds off my best.

That simply wouldn’t have been possible without the GPS tracking. I’d have definitely gone a lot slower, panicking that I was going to run out of energy before crossing the line and waiting for my results a few hours later.

I would have missed out on that high that comes with seeing the result straight away, being able to apply fresh memories to the splits to see what worked and what didn’t.

OK, I know that even people that hate running with watches or phones use them in races for that same reason, but I don’t understand why they don’t use the tech in training.

A recent trip through my heart rate stats has told me I’m spending too much time in the ‘easy’ zone, despite ramping up the distance in the last couple of months – which means I’m wasting time on junk miles, when I could be either resting or pushing harder, both of which would be more beneficial than just pootling around at a low intensity.

People say ‘If you’re using technology, you’re missing out on the joy of running’. But I find no joy in just the simple act of being out and running. The whole time I’d rather be at home watching the TV, or spending time with other people, or even just walking… basically just ‘not-running’, because when you boil it down, where’s the joy in stressing your body?

The whole point of running to me is to get out there and show myself that I can do something and improve, to make a difference – and having the machinery to do it is the only way to get that.

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